15 Things to Know Before Using Your Silhouette Machine

If you’re a Silhouette die-cutting beginner, these tips will help you master your machine in no time! Here are 15 Things to Know Before Using your Silhouette Machine. Getting ready to buy a Silhouette die cutting machine? Or maybe you just ordered one and are anxiously waiting for it to arrive? You can start getting […]

Silhouette Hacks You Should Know

We’ve got some Super Cool Silhouette Hacks You’ll Want to Know to make these projects faster, easier, and with amazing results! If you’ve got a Silhouette die cutting machine, you’ll want to check these out. From die cutting to embossing to sketching and more, you’ll find tons of craft ideas. You can customize so many […]

What You Need to Know Before Cutting with Your Silhouette

Are you ready to get crafting with your Silhouette machine? It’s easy to use and so versatile. There are a few tips and tricks to cutting with it though, so we’re going to tell you what you need to know before cutting with your Silhouette. What You Need to Know Before Cutting with Your Silhouette […]

Beginner Tips for Silhouette Cameo

Did you just get a brand new Silhouette machine? Congratulations! You’ve joined a really fun club – the die cutting enthusiasts! These Beginner Tips for Silhouette Cameo are going to be a big help! You’re probably pretty excited, and maybe feeling just a little bit overwhelmed too. You did take it out of the box, […]

Kitchen Die Cutting Projects

There are so many ways you can use your die cutting machine to create amazing items for your kitchen. We’ve rounded up these Kitchen Die Cutting Projects to help inspire you! From organizing to decorating and so much more, you’re going to find some fantastic ideas for your kitchen here. Whether you’re making over your […]

Jewelry You Can Make with Your Die Cutting Machine

There are SO many things you can cut and make with your Cricut, Silhouette, or other die cutting machines. That’s one of the things we love about them. They’re so versatile! Today, we have rounded up some amazing jewelry you can make with your die cutting machine. From earrings to pendants to bracelets, there is […]

Silhouette Studio Tips for Beginners

So, you have your new Silhouette Cameo machine and you’re all set to start making some craft projects. There are two basic parts to making anything with your Silhouette die-cutting machine. One is the machine itself and the other is the Silhouette Studio software. These Silhouette Studio Tips for Beginners will help you get started. […]

Best Places To Find Silhouette Supplies On a Budget

When you’re looking for supplies for your Silhouette machine, where do you shop? As much as we love our big box craft stores, they aren’t always the best places to find a bargain. If you’re doing a lot of crafting with your Silhouette, costs can begin to add up so you definitely want to be […]

Why I Love my Silhouette Cameo

Have you ever tried out a Silhouette Cameo? If you haven’t, you might be wondering why so many people are big Silhouette fans! Well, get ready to have your mind blown with the amazing things this machine can do. You’re going to want to run right out and buy one! First of all, a Silhouette […]

Die Cutting Projects to Organize Your Closet

Who doesn’t want an organized closet? I know I do. It can take so much extra time every day just finding what I need when my closet is a mess. These Die Cutting Projects to Organize Your Closet will give you some inspiration on how to organize your closet in no time. If you have […]