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Creative Gift Ideas With Your Cricut

Hi everyone. Today on the blog, we are talking all about Creative Gift Ideas with Your Cricut. We are so excited to share some of our favorite DIY project ideas that you can use with your Cricut  to make fantastic gifts for your friends and family. The number of different types of projects you can make with your Cricut machine are limitless. That’s one of the things we love about it! It’s just so versatile! Don’t forget – if you’re feeling overwhelmed and need more training when it comes to using your Cricut and making fabulous projects like these,  you simply must join our membership site Makers Gonna Learn.

Want to create a gift to give to someone special? I bet one of these will be just perfect!


I absolutely love this little bowl because it was made using one of our fonts. It is our adorable little cat font! If you know someone who got a new kitten, you can make them this cute food bowl as a little gift. It’s an inexpensive bowl but it’s been customized and personalized with their cat’s name. We have a dog font available soon too so you can create gifts for dog lovers as well. You just know that any pet lover will love getting a super cute personalized gift like this! You can pick up these bowls pretty much anywhere and I just love being able to add vinyl to it.


What I love about this gift idea is that it’s super custom. It’s a photo frame built from a very basic wooden plaque. We were able to take this simple little box and stain it. Next, you can actually use heat transfer vinyl on wood to add the fun quote and this is a technique which I absolutely love! Finally, we hot-glued that little clip onto it so that you’re able to add a photo of you and your friend as a perfect gift idea. If you’re looking for something inexpensive to make but want something that is so heartwarming and that they’re going to want to keep for years, I highly recommend creating your own spin on this project for a gift that’s really awesome.


Be sure to consider making your dad or grandfather this really fun apron. You could even put some grill supplies in there too. You can add their name to it if you want and you’re going to have,a really awesome Father’s Day gift idea or a gift for any man in your life for any occasion. It’s really fun customizing aprons if you have someone in your life that loves cooking, grilling or baking things. This gift idea is just perfect for any of them! It’s also super fun to be able to use heat transfer vinyl on something other than a t-shirt.


If you’re looking for an everyday gift idea, we highly recommend using some of our hand lettering pieces of art on different types of boards. We picked up this chalkboard from Michaels and added in this really awesome file from our Sign Collection that we love. The hand lettering looks really great! There are hundreds of cut files to choose from curated into more than 20 or 30 different collections in our membership site. Be sure to head on over there and check those out.


It’s really easy to add some vinyl designs to simple items like a tumbler, kitchen towels, or this fun container that we turned into a flower vase. We used our fresh flowers cut file which I love but we did it with a bit of a twist. This is supposed to be a two or three layer project but to make it a look a little bit more farmhouse, we color-synched all of the colors to make the design just black. The flowers and the kitchen towels would go great put together as a gift, say for a housewarming or other similar occasion.


Wedding gift ideas are super fun to make with your Cricut and there are so many different things you can do. We were able to make this doormat using our fonts! What I love about it, especially for the doormat, is that we were able to use two complementing fonts. These make fantastic wedding gift ideas that you could use for your friends. I know that they would appreciate something custom from you and they will love it in their homes forever.


I love these different types of frames because there’s space there – it’s like they know that we wanted to add some vinyl down here and it’s really fun! There are so many ideas and so many amazing things that you’re able to make with your Cricut.

I hope you guys enjoyed these Creative Gift Ideas with Your Cricut. Be sure to leave us a comment down below sharing with us your favorite gift idea.